Now in Studio and Online 

 Welcome to our Yoga community. We believe mindfulness, aware movement and meditation are key pillars in a happy and balanced life and it is our intention to bring this to you in a community based, safe and friendly environment. Offering a diverse range of classes, both in studio and now online, to accomodate your various individual needs we aim to make Yoga accessible to every body now more than ever. Classes for strength, flexibility, mindfulness, relaxation, focus, personal growth or all of the above. Heated classes and unheated available. We are happy to guide you to the right class at the right time for you. Classes online can be watched at anytime for your convenience, our in studio schedule is rebuilding now as we settle back in to our beautiful community home. Contact us to join us online. We have a private subscription face book group full of class options available on subscription to compliment your studio attendance.

We are still a unique community although we now keep more space between us. Special considerations at this time ~ COVID 19 

Please read the Care for This Time page.

 Bookings & Cancellations are essential please. Consider your class time although we shall miss the buzz in the foyer, a class full arriving early will not allow for safe space. 10 mins before is plenty of time to arrive, sign in and settle.

Equipment – where possible bring your own mat & or a large towel to cover your mat. Blankets for restorative classes or if you like to cover for Savasana.

Self Care – practice hand washing, social spacing, & stay home if you are unwell for this winter season. Join us online for your practice for a few days and we shall see you back soon.

Our instructors are well trained, highly experienced and importantly, friendly, supportive and non judgemental. They have your upmost care at this time, please honour any requests they make around spacing the room. Operating for 15 years in Mandurah you will find we also have a friendly and wonderful community of students. We teach and share Yoga because we value the practice, it has changed our lives in many ways and we trust we can serve your wellbeing through this practice.


Wherever you are in your journey Yoga will meet you there. Yoga is an art and a science where you will learn to move with mindful purpose, greater freedom and balance. As a mind body practice, we teach all classes with attention to functional strength, support and alignment of your body, mindfulness and focus for your mind and awareness to breath, energy and relaxation. Our classes will help you get to know your patterns of physical movement and also thought patterns and through greater awareness of self gradually shifts will occur. We aim to teach you in a way that these shifts and transformations will improve all areas of your life over time. Yoga is a not about posture performance but about a greater balance in all areas of your life.

Our Philosophy

Simply to offer a space of wellbeing for your body, mind and soul wether that be in studio or in the comfort of your own home via our online class subscription.
To cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment for you and to make the principles of Yoga accessible to all.
Our sessions, include breathe awareness, mindfulness & relaxation as well as movements to enhance your core strength & physical balance. You choose according to your needs. We believe these differ for us at different times. We aim to support, uplift and inspire you and leave you feeling the yoga glow, finding self acceptance on and off the mat.

New Students

Welcome new students! Email to find out our new student current offers a few days before booking. 

Personally I still remember  my first Yoga class, feeling awkward in myself and yet inspired by those around me at the same time, something inside me clicked and I instinctively knew this was a practice for life. I felt lit up, connected and alive in my whole self. It was possibly the first time I actually liked my body and eventually learned to also like myself. Each of our instructors feel some very special connection to yoga, have a deep respect for the ancient teachings though also keep abreast of what is current in understanding and knowledge of the body. We want you to come explore and see what is a fit for you personally as well.

Please email me, Osheani ~ and tell me a little about what you usually do and what your needs are so I can personally direct you to the most appropriate class for you and let you know if we have any current intro offers – sometimes we have the welcome pass and otherwise the second class free offer. Have a read of the “class types” page for some more info on our classes and do send me any questions you have if needed or we shall have a chat when we meet at the studio. Number restrictions and social distancing are still in place so bookings and cancellations are essential at this unique time for your wellbeing. We have a private face book group full of class options available on subscription if this is a better way for you to practice for your convenience.