honouring the whole self

These last few years have taken me back into studying to deeper understand what I feel are the needs of the time. To be able to serve others well in our community I’ve been following my passion in mindbody therapies, coaching and understanding what is required for my own healing. Through this I’d perhaps also be able to shine a light to help others.

I have felt the mindbody connection over the years in the way of really knowing the importance of deep listening to our authentic truth and needs. I have had experiences where Ive been shown and felt this this quite clearly ~ and yet I have ignored this many times myself. The human condition of forgetting and remembering our wholeness and perfection as we are alongside the perfection of the moment fascinates me. My favourite symbol of the spiral reflects to me our continued growth on this path. This quote reflects how I feel about our journey together ~ “We are all walking each other home” Ram Dass

I continue to complete my Dip in Mental Health through 2023.

Just like my yoga journey in teaching began, I found something helpful and wanted to share. I continue this way forward.

All the teachers at Align are also dedicated students in continual learning in ways to best serve others and the needs of the times.