Trevor began yoga later in life than most of our teachers. He has, however, embraced the practice wholeheartedly. Right from that first class that he attended 12 years ago, he has practised at home almost everyday. Not because he enjoyed that first class so much, but because he did not enjoy it at all. He felt uncoordinated, inflexible, and fair to say, inadequate. There must have been something other than male ego that kept him in the game. Perhaps it was because he was at a low point in his life and wanted to do things other than the “bloke thing”.
Though yoga and meditation, Trevor has gained an understanding of mindfulness and a sense of lightness. Both in body and mind. That is how he likes to teach.
Someone saw him last week and apologised for not coming to class for over a year. She had been involved in other physical activities and could not fit yoga in “at the moment”. She did mention that even though she wasn’t going to class, she was still using the skills leaned at yoga.
So, it is more important that we learn life skills and be appreciative of our bodies than to be able to master the hand stand.
But that is cool too!
“It is easier to accept yourself as you are than to try and live up to an image you have created in your head. ”
When he is not on the mat Trevor is probably in Dwellingup fixing someone’s leaking roof, or toilet or digging their grave. He is multi skilled like that; teaches power, yin and mindfulness.