Osheani Rainbow
Studio manager

Core Yoga / Core awareness /Hot Core Power

What first brought you to Yoga?
I was running an alternative therapies business and practicing meditation and varied techniques when I met a lady, Coral, whose grounded centred energy really stood out to me. I enquired what she was practicing, it was Yoga, I was in her classes soon after.

When and how were you inspired by the practice?
I was inspired by Yoga on meeting Coral & noticing how she was in herself & then I first experienced this for myself and truely every day. In my first Yoga class it was like all the lights went on and all the meditation practice now made sense. I was home in my body. To be present within movement was the missing link for me. I am still inspired each time I come to the mat myself and also each time I teach and share the practice seeing people be with and for themselves through all different circumstances. Yoga practice gives them the tools to be right in it and move through it, with grace and strength.

​How did yoga practice shift you and from there why did you get inspired to teach?
I’d always loved the practice but when I was experiencing a “heavier than usual” depression and I used the tools of Yoga to find my way out I knew then that I would always now have a self reliant way through for myself. Really acknowledging the importance of this I wanted to study Yoga to to understand how that huge shift happened for me. I wanted to create a space where others could learn these tools for themselves and embody that experience.

From what perspective do you teach & what lights you up as an instructor?
My focus in teaching is to ground and connect people into their bodies. To allow them to feel their own strength and potential, to focus on what they can rather on what they can’t. This was the shift for me from feeling helpless, hopeless & paralysed with depression to feeling my inner warrior & capacity. This is all relative to where we are as to me being a warrior was being able to get out the front door!
I don’t feel you need a fancy practice for it to be an effective and life changing practice and I always come back to the simple things when I practice & teach, I do feel we need to “show up” for ourselves to be able to show up for others. During my time since beginning practice I’ve added 20 years to my life experience, I’ve had accidents and injuries (off the mat) and all has only served to make me love the practice and feel its value even more. I am truely lit up by seeing all the warriors each day in the Yoga room, all having the courage to show up through it all when at times they could want to just run. I see so many shifts and I am humbled and honoured to be in a space where magic happens. I often have the privilege of knowing what people are going through in their lives and looking around a class I could list 10 or more difficult situations people are working through in their life at any one time, when I bow my head at the end of class this is what I’m focused on feeling, gratitude for the practice of Yoga and honoured people feel safe to show up to our space and BE no matter what, there’s some power there.

Your study, influences & continued learning?
I remember always being curious about what made people tick. Growing up with strong religious influences I loved the ritual but much of it didn’t make sense. How come we can’t help the drunk man sleeping out front of the church we just came out of when we just “peace be with you’d” everyone in the building? Little things like this I always pondered. I started to study and practice meditation after being popped on antidepressants, feeling like a zombie and quickly thinking there must be another way. This led me to learn massage and aromatherapy also. My first Yoga TT course was a simple online course then I took up study with FinY 500 hours. FinY gave me a great background on the philosophy side .After this my fire was lit for more and I studied further 6 months with Kale Leaf, with whom I learned some good alignment & adjustments. Study with Shiva Rea in the US gave me a good background in embodying flow, energy & breath. Baron Baptiste & Baptiste Power Yoga training really inspired me on mindset & on working that into teaching, this encouraged me to study life coaching & coaching techniques further. Core integration studies & Sadi Nardinis courses resonated with the Core & centred alignment I feel is safe and helpful for many.
Life also is my continue learning, falling down and getting back up again & the courage of the everyday humans just doing living and learning.

What do you do off the mat?
I spend the time I can on the water, windsurfing, kayaking or SUPing and what a beautiful town we live in for this! I fiddle with my guitar & try play a basic tune. I read mindset & coaching, inspirational material and I ask my teenage son to pick up things or help with the dishes or something, repeat, you know, parenting stuff.
I answer emails & give personal help where needed to students. Always feel free to reach me as that’s a big part of what I love if I can help also.