Hi my name is Nat, you will usually find me teaching hot yoga classes, so if you enjoy being hot and sweaty, then we will probably bump into each other.

The first time I tried yoga was 8 years ago, to be honest I spent most of the time in child’s pose. I didn’t like it much and couldn’t wait to get out of the class!

Fast forward to 2014 on holiday in Vietnam, my husband persuaded me to try yoga again, I was very hesitant but he convinced me to join a very basic class at the hotel. I was the only student, the class was short, just a few asanas and balances. This time I was hooked.

When I returned home I wanted to take things slow so started off with Relax/Restore Classes and built my confidence slowly, gradually trying all the different classes that are available at the Align Body Mind Soul studio.

Initially my yoga practice was all about helping with Scoliosis, after researching yoga’s ability to help. That was the focus for me at the start, but after a few classes I forgot about my Scoliosis and just loved how the practice was constantly different and kept me interested. I started watching Youtube videos and borrowing books from the library to learn everything I could about yoga.

Once I started practicing regularly I realised I was gaining confidence (which had been lacking for some time), I felt more centered and generally happier.

The yoga teachers at Align Body Mind Soul have always been so knowledgeable, kind and welcoming.

They were my inspiration to teach, and my teacher training in Bali with Craig Perkins and Alison Eaton made a huge impact on my life. I want to pass that feeling to all my students, whatever their level or ability. I prefer not to think of my classes as a teacher and her students, but rather a group of friends practising yoga together with each one of us listening to our bodies and energy levels and adjusting our practice accordingly.

I’m constantly learning from my students, and love to watch them grow in confidence. I also love attending classes and learn so much from other teachers and from being a student myself.

Outside of yoga I love spending time in nature, and enjoy taking my dogs for lots of walks. I like being creative, painting, designing and sewing. I really enjoy researching and finding great new plant based recipes however my love of food is more about consuming rather than creating, so my husband is “allowed” to cook for me most of the time. He says I should write my own cookbook, “Recipes I have watched my husband prepare”.

My yoga journey and the way I try to live can be encapsulated by the mantra……Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”

Oh and because I am the hot yoga teacher I have to include “If in doubt sweat it out!”