Hi Yogis,

What first brought you to yoga?
My journey to yoga began in my late twenties, attending a local pregnancy yoga class. Showing up weekly, learning how to breath properly be guided through gentle postures. Enjoying the subtle changes I noticed in myself. Realising that what was important was within me, whilst I had spent so much time searching elsewhere. It wasn’t until a few years later that I was drawn back to yoga. this time I had recently lost my mother to cancer. Feeling very sad and traumatised whilst trying to manage two young babes. I began practising gentle hatha yoga, again noticing the subtle benefits from practising daily. Helping me with my grieving and bringing focus. I remember walking out from the first class with a deep sense of calm, peace and contentment. I felt as though I floated out of the room. It brought me back to myself.

When and how were you inspired by the practice?
I realised the wonderful benefits of yoga immediately.They can be life changing at times, allowing your inner light to shine. When we are in our quiet space we hear the inner whispers the body offers us.
My daily practice inspires me. When my three children were young I couldn’t always make it to a class, so it was important for me to make time for myself daily. Sometimes it would only be 15minutes, other days enjoying a longer practise. Some days practicing with my girls joining in and often climbing on me as I held different asanas/postures. Always finding each practise joyful and rewarding.

How did yoga practise shift you and from there why did you get inspired to teach?
Yoga ignited something inside me. I felt so enriched, energised, alive, calm and peaceful from practising yoga. It rolled off my mat and into my daily life. Noticing the little changes in my thoughts and actions as yoga weaved its way into my life. Our colourful tapestry of life. I believe that regular practise had helped me in all areas of my life, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Yoga has given me confidence, strength and a sense of calm. I became a yoga teacher because I experienced the real change yoga can create. I wanted to share this experience / feeling with everyone.

From what perspective do you teach and what lights you up as an instructor?
I teach from a place within ones self, from my heart. Allowing my heart to guide me and not my head. Focusing on being aware of your own body and its needs. Getting people out of their monkey mind and into their true self, bringing balance.
A lot of focus is placed on asanas, which is only a small part of yoga. I like to bring in all aspects of yoga when I teach. What lights me up as an instructor is the beauty I see on the peoples faces when they practise and the ease freedom in their whole self. I love the energy in the room as I witness the peace and contentment that shows as they turn their focus inwards. I see their inner beauty, their inner light shine
Your study, background and continued learning?
I have always had an interest in the human body and a love of nature. Straight out of school I went to university to study nursing. Two years into my degree I realised I preferred a more holistic approach to healing. I left university and travelled for a while, which is an education in itself. Upon settling down again I began to study herbal medicine which I loved. Combining both my love of nature and the human body.Learning ways to heal and to prevent dis-ease / dis-harmony in our body and mind. As like yoga, to create a balance.
I completed my yoga teacher training in2006. I am a level 2 teacher registered with Yoga Australia. I began teaching in our local community upon completion of my teacher training. I have had the pleasure of working on retreats and hosting my own both locally and internationally. I continue to teach a number of classes each week. Classes varying from power flow, general and beginners to restorative and meditation.
I am constantly learning everyday. I love reading books, especially on yoga and holistic medicine. Attending yoga workshops and retreats when I can. I’m excited to be going to this years Bali Spirit Festival .
I have a keen interest in Ayurvedic science, and wish to continue with more studies in this area.

What do you do off the mat?
I love to spend time in nature. You will find me at the beach every day with my beautiful dog. My partner and I often head down south for weekends and camp. Finding it enjoyable to get away and just be in nature, no routine or schedule to follow. Taking time to sit in stillness listening to my inner whispers and the sounds of nature that surrounds me. We lived in North Queensland for a couple of years and I fell in love with the beauty of the rainforest. Often practising in the rainforest which would lead into amazing meditations.
My life is a lot simper now. My children have grown and are following their own path. My personal practice is mostly restorative now, as I listen to the changes in my own body. I’m happiest when all the family comes together. Spending time with my family and friends.