My first yoga class was in a gym, I used to do gymnastics and thought it would be great to have a good stretch again and I remember falling asleep in shavasana! From there I dabbled with yoga over the years, at first it was just a nice stretch until I found that beautiful connection to the breath, ahhhh I thought now this is something deeper than just a nice stretch!

Over time I got drawn to different styles of yoga, different teachers, it wasn’t until I had a big change in life that I discovered yoga was what I was always drawn back to, it calmed me, reminded me to be in the present moment and to be comfortable in my own skin.

When I moved to Perth, it was a big change, new city, partner and a job I wasn’t enjoying. I missed my family and friends and felt a little ‘all over the place’. I joined a Pilates studio down the road from my house, after a while I started sliding into the little yoga room beside the Pilates studio, as I started practicing more regularly I was drawn even more to the amazing benefits of yoga and wanted to share my love for this beautiful practice with others. I headed to Bali and did my 200 hour yoga training which was an amazing experience, a couple of months later we moved down to Mandurah and I started a year of mentoring/assisting with Oshie at Align Body Mind Soul.
I love watching the change in people after a one hour yoga class, 5 weeks beginner course, or even after years of yoga! How their faces and shoulders soften, smile spreads wider, injuries or aches improve and hearts shine brighter. They say yoga is for life, so true! I remember thinking one day – I don’t know how people don’t do yoga – the benefits to the mind, body and heart is pure bliss.
I have a passion for prenatal yoga, yoga based active birthing, postnatal and mums and bubs yoga. I did my first prenatal yoga teacher teaching in Bali which was just a taster, I felt that I needed to know more so enrolled in a three day prenatal yoga teacher training with bliss baby yoga here in Perth and at 8 weeks pregnant I went to Byron bay to complete the 85 hour pre and post natal yoga training.

I enjoy connecting mums-to-be and new mums with one another through my yoga classes. There are some great benefits to prenatal yoga including easing the aches and pains from a growing belly and learning breathing techniques and visualisations for birth. Postnatal and mums and bubs yoga helps restore mum after birth and is a lovely way for new mums who are on the same journey to connect with one another.

I have a toddler and another Bub on the way, When I’m not trying to fit some kind of yoga in, I work in marketing at Volunteering WA three days a week, Yoga helps me to stay balanced and grounded!