Your health, safety and wellbeing is our top priority. The Align team will be adhering to all cleaning and safety protocols in relation to COVID 19 and respect that you are trusting us and the space with your care. Our studio is a well ventilated space with windows on 3 sides for air circulation. Please assist us by noting the following guidelines:

Do not attend if you feel unwell, seek health advice and make use of the online practice until you can rejoin us.

Wash and sanitise your hands before and after class, after the bathroom or after coughing or sneezing (allergies happen we realise) there are wipes in studio should you need.

All mats will be cleaned by instructors between classes and also please bring your own clean mat that you will place on ours or use a large clean towel.

Thank you for assisting us to keep everyone safe and comfortable to attend, we very much look forward to welcoming you to the space with us again. Osheani and the team x


Currently for your safety and wellbeing bookings and thus cancellations are essential so we can space the room for you. We always like to have room and attention for you all but now more than ever for your care. Class numbers will be limited to 18 to allow a generous space.

Bookings and Cancellations are all managed on the schedule bookings site and you just click “sign in” next to the time and day you have chosen. Please read about the class types if you are new to yoga or us so you know what you are booking. To cancel simply head to your individual profile, open you schedule and select early cancel. Cancelling is a courtesy we greatly appreciate and particularly due to current number restrictions in place.

Mats & Equipment

We now fully encourage & request the use of your own mat and props or please bring a large towel to use over anything you may use, a blanket if you need further support or warmth in relaxation. We will lay mats out to safely space the room so you can pop your mat or towel over. All mats and blocks washed down after each class. All our instructors are briefed on cleaning protocols. We apologise we cannot share bolsters, blankets or straps at this time. Please bring your own ~ we will have some in studio for sale should you need.

If attending a heated yoga class or one where you will sweat we require you to bring a towel to lay on your mat and a hand towel as well.

Opening Hours

Our studio opens 10 minutes before each class starts, arrive on time so you can begin class feeling settled, not rushed. Please do not arrive earlier at this time to allow for the previous class to leave and for us to keep the required space.

We lock the door once the class starts although we do try look out for you if you are booked & running late be aware the door will be locked at class start time. With bookings handled online this allows for smooth sign in and class beginning times.

What To Wear

Yoga is practiced in bare feet and all shoes come off at the door to keep the space clean.
The practice is about moving and breathing freely so please wear clothes that you can move in and are comfortable in.
You will sweat in heated classes  so nothing too bulky there and as mentioned above please bring two towels.

Your Self Care and the Community Care

Lets see our community stay well by choosing to stay home when unwell. We now have online class subscription to help you there.
Heated yoga is about sweat so come hydrated well and with plenty of water and drink plenty afterwards. Electrolytes can help your body as well and we have some of those available for sale there if you need.

Yoga is more comfortable on an empty stomach so please don’t eat right before class, 2 hours is recommended to not eat before class but if that doesn’t work for your body have something very light an hour before.

Yoga is a precise practice and also one of getting to know and attune to your body well, this takes some time so please give your self a good month or so to get into the practice. 
Practice more often to begin with to allow yourself time to understand the meditative and focused nature of yoga and also to physically attune and align your body.

The studio is a quiet zone so all phones are to be turned off before class. 
We do lock the door when class starts so be aware if you are running late.

Our email is if you should need further assistance.
I check emails daily, please resend though if you don’t hear back from me within 3 days.

Thank you
Studio manager & instructor