11am Sunday
5.30pm Tuesday
12pm Thursday
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Gentle, slow, relaxing
Gentle limbering movements and longer held supported postures, ideal for beginners, anyone in recovery and also pregnancy. This class runs for 90 minutes and apart from being and excellent start for those needing to move slowly is also a wonderful class for anyone undergoing stress,tension or burn out and needing to reconnect to peace, calm and the breath. All floor postures with little to no standing work ~ Focus ~ breathing deep, relaxation and calming 


9.30am Wednesday
11am Friday
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9.30 am Monday & Saturday
5.30 pm Monday & Thursday
7.30 pm Tuesday

6.15 am Thursday 
9.15 am Friday
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Recommended for beginners and those with back issues although all levels enjoy the centering and grounding effect of this class.
In this class we zoom in on the core. This is a great starter for you if you have lost the connection to this area, if you have lower back issues or even a reason that you need to be off your feet for a while. Ideal for beginners & everybody, not suitable for pregnancy
This class is all floor work with out standing but will give you the awareness needed for functional core support in all the other classes. As you are on the floor it is easy to rest as needed and build up slowly if needed. People often comment they feel really great in their posture after this class ~ Focus ~ core and back functionality & awareness of moving from centre.

Our most popular class, all levels and pregnancy suitable if you are currently active.
Functional strength and flexibility in a well rounded session.
Suitable for active beginners and all ages and stages of life. This session includes a full range of asanas (postures) to balance strength & flexibility & is focused on you moving from your core or centre. You are encouraged to keep mindful and present throughout so the class has a centering effect mentally and emotionally as well as physically. 90 mins
Focus ~ strength & flexibility balance & mindfulness

Core Yoga Flow /Vinyasa
Where the schedule mentions flow or vinyasa this will be a more fluid version of the class and shorter in time ~ one hour - 75 mins

Most people are now familiar with Hot Yoga and would know that the room is heated so students can gain the most out of their class, however all heating methods are not created equal. Our studio is heated with FAR Infrared heating which has been scientifically proven to benefit those with physical injuries as it offers up thermal heat that is both safe and healthy. The heat is absorbed deep into your skin, activating major bodily functions and supercharging your cellular metabolism. 
Some added benefits of FAR Infrared Heat include  


9am Sunday
12pm Monday express
7.30pm Monday
9.30am Thursday
7.30pm Thursday
5pm Friday express
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Hot Core Power
sweat & glow
experience & basic fitness necessary

COURSE  Wed 7.30pm 5wks
CLASSES Tuesday 9.30am
                 Saturday 11.30am
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We often have beginners starting in our beginner friendly classes..however some people feel more comfortable beginning with a group of other beginnenrs. For this reason we have this course running in blocks of 5 sessions. Your instructor will start you right at the beginning..with the breath and progress you slowly over the course. The full course must be booked & please book each person a place seperately rather than purchasing for others as this is necessary to save a space for all. Course investment $80- 5 sessions Found under the COURSE link on the bookings page ~ Focus ~ beginning

Beginners General Classes
If you wish to start in or attend a regular weekly beginners- simpler and shorter class attend either of these. Bookings essential but you can start any week for these.
This class is important for beginners who need to start slow and also anyone returning to practice from injury or after a break or those who just prefer a gentler session.
Pregnancy suitable also. ~ Focus ~ beginning & going gently
Heated Vinyasa flow class. The pace of this class assumes that you have some alignment knowledge and understanding of the postures already in place. In this class we then take you further to exploring and playing with some challenging arm balances or inversions. A fun and challenging session..are you ready to dive in ?
Best for those with some regular experience in yoga so you flow, play and enjoy safely. The pace of the class doesn't allow for as much assistance as the beginner friendly classes.
Practicing Core Yoga & Core Hot ? come along and try this class to up your challenge.
Using the physical body as a tool for transformation in these classes we take you deep into your breath to movement connection, keeping you present in a focused flow.
Suitable for all experienced levels.
Not suitable for pregnancy due to the heat. 34-38 deg ~ Focus ~ playful exploration of breath, fluidity & challenge, current physical wellness & some experience is recommended.


Yin Yoga is a very slow paced and restful style of yoga, we practice in a quiet dimly lit space.
Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence, and bringing ones awareness to really deeply letting go.
This is a specialised class & perfect compliment to the more physical classes or sporting activity you may normally do ~ Focus ~turning inward, connective tissue and fascia release

6pm Thursday
11.30am Saturday mixed pregnancy & beginners /gentle
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Time out for yourself is very special and beneficial at this time.
Keeping the body strong and subtle and also allowing time and focus for full effective breathing makes yoga an ideal practice and program for during pregnancy.
Pregnant students who are active are also always welcome to our Core Yoga classes and Relax Restore also offers a safe class for you. The pregnancy class however gives you the nice feeling of practicing in a specialised way with other pregnant students in a very small group. Due to class sizes bookings and also cancellations (if needed ) are essential please
Remember to choose the new student intro pass when beginning so you may try a few sessions in your first week with us (chosen at check out when booking your first class with us,info on the pricing page)
All of our classes, apart from Core Power are beginner friendly classes, this means we give full instructions and easier options in the more difficult postures.However please choose according to where your body is at now and we can build you up slowly to greater fitness, awareness and wellbeing
If you are currently active and well all the classes (apart from core power ) will be suitable for you
If you have been unwell or not moving much for some reason perhaps take Beginners, Relax Restore or Core Awareness to begin for a few weeks ~ active (currently exercising) beginners are usually fine with Core Yoga or Core Hot, Have injuries or specific needs ? please contact myself ~ Osheani to let me know and I can guide you to the best start.
Our yoga & wellbeing classes are accessible to people from all ages and walks of life. Our instructors are trained and experienced in many different methodologies of teaching yoga and aim to make each class beneficial for your body and mind. Yoga simply means union, the union of the body and the mind, the breath and movement, happens through presence and mindful attention. Choosing a class that suits where you at right now will bring you to your own centre and core. Our classes range from the relaxation styles of Relax Restore & Yin through to more strengthening Core Yoga, Core Hot and the active intermediate Core Power. Heated or un heated you can find something that works for you. 

11 am Tuesday
4.30pm Sunday
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5.30pm Wednesday
7.30am Saturday
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A class for every body !
Un Heated classes  
The sequence encourages cleansing in your body and focus of your mind.
This class will make you sweat, glow, smile and feel amazing afterwards! It is beginner friendly instruction wise although more challenging & more calories burned due to the heat.
The heat helps you to open your body to new places and many find it beneficial for tightness incurred through other exercise or training and attend this class to help create some balance.
A balance of strength & flexibility is cultivated through a range of standing through to floor postures.
Room heated to 38 ~40 deg not suitable for pre teens or pregnancy
You must bring a towel to cover your mat & a small towel. Come hydrated and feeling well.
Focus ~ sweat, release of tight muscles ,strength & flexibility

​~ detoxifying through sweat
~ metabolism boosting
~ aids weight loss (twice calorie burn than traditional yoga)
~ boosted immune system
~ helps the body release tight muscular tension

6.30pm Friday
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​This class is a real treat !
Combine a FAR infrared heated humid room and slow floor stretches and you have the perfect space to finish off any busy week. A practice that compliments other strong physical activity (a favourite for athletes and those with muscular tension ) or just a nice slow stretch to ease into your weekend. This calming session is all floor work so if you are tired from other activity and just need to release and balance tension this will do that for you. Must bring towels to cover your mat & props.
All levels suitable ~ Focus~ warmth, glow and opening the body, creating better physical balance if you are tight.
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